Coupon code websites

Mainly present on the Belgian market, our coupon code websites gather hundreds of thousands of visitors a month. The websites are also being followed by thousands of internet users on Facebook, and through our newsletters.

Comparison websites

Get quickly the information you need and compare! We own comparison sites in the fields of travelling, finance (credit cards, loans, saving accounts…) and dating. Mainly in Belgium, but also in Canada.

Lead Generation

Appart from collecting emails for our own newsletter, we are also looking to collect leads through lead generation partners under co-sponsoring and co-registration models. Do not hesitate to contact us for more info.

Performance marketing through its best practices

We thrive to provide our clients and partners marketing solutions adapted to their needs through our channels.

Some of our partners:

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What they say about us:

The team of zanox Belgium has been working with Kaer Online for about two years now. As their strategic business partner, I am very impressed with their level of knowledge of the online field (SEO, SEA, Performance Marketing) as well as the level of professionalism and flexibility. Their capability to continuously innovate and optimize their business, deliver high quality and service have been the drivers of the rapid growth they have shown over the past two years. Therefore, KaerOnline one of our most important and respected publishers in Belgium. It is an absolute pleasure to work with them!

Tom van Os
Tom van OsTeam Leader Belgique - Zanox

Kaer Online has a good understanding of the business and is always searching for new opportunities to improve. They are a valued partner.

Guido Colaris
Guido Colaris Affiliate Marketing Benelux - Zalando

Always nice to work with Kaer Online, the most important thing for me is the clear communication we have! We have a top working relationship now!

Anthony Martens
Anthony Martens Publisher Manager – Tradetracker

We are now working in emailing with Kaer Online for two years. The relationship is based on trust, win/win partnership. It is a pleasure to work with this kind of company on the long term.

Alexandra Matakovic
Alexandra Matakovic CEO – Studiosmercurya

About the Kaer Online team

Bureau 1

Strategically located in the city center of the Dansaert area of Brussels, Kaer Online takes advantage of the burgeoning market to expand rapidly.

Dedicated to its activities, we thrive to provide advertisers marketing solutions that will help them achieve their online goals.

With the help of our marketeers, copywriters, and developpers, we are happy to make the internet a better place, where advertisers and users get connected the best way.

Always looking for new challenges, do not hesitate to contact us !

  • Years of experience

    With years of experience in the fields of online marketing / advertising, the coworkers of Kaer Online are the best assets to your and our successes.

  • Advices and communication

    Our goal is to support your marketing strategy in helping you getting a fast return on investment with respect to your clients needs.

  • Human sized company

    Kaer Online is a human sized company, proactive and close to its clients.

  • Advanced technologies

    Our developers are constantly working on making our life easier, and create happy customers : Easy tools, fast websites, new technologies used…

Interested in performance marketing? Or just curious?