We help online shoppers save more.

The mission of Kaer Online is to help online buyers in their shopping process through the help of extra incentives. We therefore offer online buyers a way to save a bit more on their purchase through the use of coupon codes and cashback. Every month, million of users trust our solutions.

Coupon codes

We provide a way for internet users to save on their online purchases with the help of coupon codes. Every day, our teams opens dozen of newsletters to find the best deals one can get.


On top of the use of coupon codes, we provide a free solution that rewards online shoppers for a purchase made through our websites. This community is rapidly growing.

Premium medias

We partner through well-known medias

Monetize your audience

We give medias a chance to monetize their online traffic through our coupon code whitelabel project. In this sense, we take care of the installation, but also all the online strategy of a dedicated subdomain : An extra source of revenue to online medias.

Use our best SEO expertise

With 10 years of experience in the fields of SEO, our team has gathered the best knowledge to make our projects a success. Almost 1 million unique users visit our websites every month. Our SEO experts make sure to follow the recent tactics to attract visitors.

Make use of our relations

Through our commercial relations, we are able to quickly create partnerships with leading French, Belgian or European online shops. This way, a media can quickly start making conversions, without selling a product, only through online advertising.

Automate the process

With some of the largest coupon codes portals in France and Belgium, we master the topic of coupon codes and created some routines and automation to maximize our profitability, but most and foremost to get the internet user a quicker way to reach interesting promotions.
They trust us :

Other projects

A selection of our best achievements

How we work

We focus on providing great content



Our team of experts looks for daily new trends, what is searched for and how we could quickly answer a question. In the case of coupon codes : Which shops are currently getting the most attraction?



Once the research done, we make use of our  copyrighter team to create great content on the topics. We plan on always be one step ahead of the competition in a fast changing market.



With the help of automation tools, we can quickly add content on our websites. The implementation goes with a testing phase, that allows us to find out the best strategy to adopt.



There are many type of results one can wish for: Notoriety, clients satisfaction, monetary… We carefully monitor our results and learn on how to do things better.

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